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Doggone it, people like me

June 17, 2011 Leave a comment

> I can make a bonehead play.
> It can be an obvious mistake yet come to fruition in a lapse of
> concentration, committed by/to/in the moment.
> Getting specific: There are a panoply of reasons not to push the
> action, as deep as I was in the tourney, with that comfortable
> stealing stack. Plenty of reasons not do it, thus no topic for very
> meaningful analysis.
> But what could have been my reason or reasons FOR the manoeuvre?
> Thrill seeking. Machismo. Suspiciousness. Station tendencies. Self
> sabotage. Showing off. Being tired. Losing focus. Hating my backer
> nearly as much as myself and perpetrating bad luckiness.
> Your guess as good as my psychiatrist’s
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#Winning the FeltStars WCOIP as “topBURNgiver”


So it turns out I will be playing a $460 satellite to the WSOP MAIN EVENT on the afternoon of June 11th…


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