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4 down, 18 to go

August 11, 2011 Leave a comment

(Betsafe Poker: “Last Man Standing” 15 iPad2 Giveaway)

All players still standing on the 11th of August 2011       

Poker Nickname  Status

1500100900 Still Standing

,,Oldtimer,, Still Standing

,luckyluke86 Still Standing

__Flawless__ Still Standing

_badbubba_45 Still Standing

_beast27_ Still Standing

_BingoPlayer Still Standing

_cato_6 Still Standing

_goodfella76 Still Standing

_Joku_Roti_ Still Standing

_lommis_ Still Standing

_thegrinder1 Still Standing

0ante0 Still Standing

1liten1 Still Standing

1tsndkr1 Still Standing

2deucey2 Still Standing

2LayZ Still Standing

32micky23 Still Standing

4urik777 Still Standing

5ock5 Still Standing

aalIIIlaa Still Standing

aandreasnn Still Standing

aarseth23 Still Standing

able1955 Still Standing

absint10 Still Standing

Aceoveress Still Standing

AcesSuit Still Standing

adole79 Still Standing

agent994 Still Standing

aidi71 Still Standing

akakuraj37 Still Standing

alcyoneaas Still Standing

aleksbogda6 Still Standing

-alex77- Still Standing

allah1111 Still Standing

amadeusii33 Still Standing

anapchanin7 Still Standing

andrewhutc60 Still Standing

apborrer Still Standing

apo_the_be21 Still Standing

apsargs92 Still Standing

Arakattack Still Standing

arbadon79 Still Standing

ashaman55 Still Standing

askestar55 Still Standing

astykket Still Standing

ATL_Pedro Still Standing

awojpp Still Standing

badonkadonk_ Still Standing

balo666 Still Standing

bebrik8 Still Standing

BeefMonster Still Standing

belleogt Still Standing

bicits Still Standing

bigmamma1804 Still Standing

BigPapi99 Still Standing

BigSpick Still Standing

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how to eke out victory in a super satellite

August 4, 2011 Leave a comment

keep your head down but your eyes upon the action
on the cusp do fear the powerful
dont be a cowboy

as dos passos wrote
dear lord let all of us be spared
but if someone must lose his life do let it not be me

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Proverbs 10:4

July 11, 2011 Leave a comment

A slack hand causes poverty,
but the hand of the diligent makes rich.

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Doggone it, people like me

June 17, 2011 Leave a comment

> I can make a bonehead play.
> It can be an obvious mistake yet come to fruition in a lapse of
> concentration, committed by/to/in the moment.
> Getting specific: There are a panoply of reasons not to push the
> action, as deep as I was in the tourney, with that comfortable
> stealing stack. Plenty of reasons not do it, thus no topic for very
> meaningful analysis.
> But what could have been my reason or reasons FOR the manoeuvre?
> Thrill seeking. Machismo. Suspiciousness. Station tendencies. Self
> sabotage. Showing off. Being tired. Losing focus. Hating my backer
> nearly as much as myself and perpetrating bad luckiness.
> Your guess as good as my psychiatrist’s
> Sent from my iPod

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#Winning the FeltStars WCOIP as “topBURNgiver”



So it turns out I will be playing a $460 satellite to the WSOP MAIN EVENT on the afternoon of June 11th…


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Minefield Dilemma

April 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Everest 50K Freezeout, approx 440 entries. Busted out in approx 200th place. Details:

Blinds 150/300. This table has not broken since play began: I have reads on all my opponents. Most are passive and seem like satellite entrants. For most of the tournament, the loosest one at the table was a fish on my immediate left; he recently busted out (giving his chips to the tricky player on my right) and was replaced by a new player. Over a very small sample, I have already observed him defend his BB and stick around vs the button on a “raisers flop”, as well as float another flop with only backdoor draws, barrel a blank turn into multiple opponents and check back river when he caught showdown value with a pair: This player, who unfortunately covers my chip total by a small margin, seems to be aggressive and understand position. The player in the BB is very tight and more than doubled me up last orbit when I limp-called his late position all-in squeeze from UTG, holding QQ vs AK; he is now the table shortstack.  I have shown very few hands, mostly premiums, so I should have a rather tight image. (It may be relevant to note that I had also doubled up on the first hand of the tournament by limping UTG with 65s.)

I am dealt QQ. The bigstack folds UTG and I am next to act. My stack contains approx 32BB, which is above average for the table. In a “minefield format” competition such as this, I always feel a dilemma when holding a big hand in early position. I tread a fine line between sticking to the standard opening strategy for value (this works best vs the decent players) and setting traps for the volatile and/or inexperienced players who are willing to pay me off with their dead money. Several stacks are currently in the 12-20BB range and probably looking to shove over a raise or a limp. I feel that if I limp, feigning weakness, it is possible that someone may try to isolate me from the consequent parade of limpers-behind (maybe even the shortstack BB player); however, the fact that I just executed that move makes it less likely to catch anyone by surprise this time. It would also be a tragedy if no one takes the bait and the action is never opened.

I decide to raise to 900, hoping to confuse my observant opponents by playing it straightforwardly. This way I can still get all the chips in against anyone who spastically shoves an ace or a pair in an attempt to double up. To my surprise, the new guy on my left reraises all-in for just over 10K chips (from UTG+2); placing everyone else all-in who still has cards. The action folds around to me. Not believing I am beat, but somewhat upset at having passed up the chance at a lower-variance outcome, I make the call for my remaining ~8700 and lose a race for approx 20th place chips. Safe flop, killer turn.

What happened in the Mutiverse… He might conceivably have folded if I had elected to limp-reraise, though probably not. I would never have merely limp-called if he had made a standard raise, so we would still have raced. The only other way to win the pot was if my open had been cold-called, allowing me to c-bet my overpair; but not even that is guaranteed since some players never fold Big Slick post-flop.

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Clever rhetorical device

March 8, 2011 Leave a comment

KINGJACK’s sig on PrincePoker.com:

Demandez vous quel est l’intelligence du joueur de poker moyen.
Maintenant, dites vous que par définition, la moitié de ceux-ci sont plus stupide!
Ça explique bien des chose eh?!

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